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What is Massage Therapy?


Simply put, Massage Therapy is taking care of yourself.  Modern day living, chronic stress and technology have all changed what ails us.  Fortunately, healthcare is changing too.     


Each year more and more Canadians turn to Massage Therapy to relieve pain, stress and to enhance overall well being.  We are “experiencing unprecedented rates of chronic musculoskeletal pain”1 and a growing body of research is validating what we have known for a while, massage works!  Relief from headaches and migraines, low back pain2, neck and shoulder pain3, osteoarthritis, cancer4, stress, anxiety and depression, are all possible using Massage Therapy.  Going forward, Massage Therapy for wellness or treatment of a specific concern, is a safe, drug-free and effective option for your health care.


Experience a treatment using conventional Massage Therapy, ART® or Acupuncture.  The evidence is plain to see, Massage Therapy works! Call our office at 519-290-6799 for a tour or book you Initial Consultation online today!