Princess Street Professional Building

 Unit 100 - 600 Princess Street | Woodstock, Ontario, Canada | N4S 4H4  


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What is Personal Training?


Working with a Personal Trainer is all about support, setting goals and having fun while staying accountable.  


Today, our health is less likely to experience traditional risk factors like infectious diseases and unsafe drinking water.  We are more likely to experience the consequences of chronic stress, inactivity and lack of sleep.  These modern day risk factors leave us suceptible to weight gain, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders like diabetes.  Going forward, if there ever were a “miracle drug”5 for your health and well being, an active lifestyle is it!  


Working with a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer6 , using prescribed exercise, one-on-one, or with friends, will motivate you to work harder7 and keep you accountable while reaching for those goals that are important to you.


Call our office at 519-290-6799 for a tour and find out how we can help you reach your goals, or book you Initial Consultation online today!