Princess Street Professional Building

 Unit 100 - 600 Princess Street | Woodstock, Ontario, Canada | N4S 4H4  


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Join The Practice


Your health is valuable.  At Steele Health and Wellness Centre you can Join The Practice to access regular Health Care options ranging from Massage Therapy, Active Release Techniques® or Acupuncture treatments to Fitness & Health Assessments, exercise prescription and Personal Training.   


Become a practice member today and we'll personalize a plan that is right for you.  From there, all you need to do is relax, accumulate benefit, savings and rewards each month while promoting your health all at the same time.       


Practice Memberships start at $59.00+HST/month and includes a 60 minute Massage Therapy treatment!


Call 519-290-6799 for a tour or book your Initial Consultation online today.