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You can be "broken" and not even know it!



September 18, 2018


This isn't a precautionary tale.  It's actually exactly the opposite.  Did you know upwards of 96%

of us are walking around with tears, bulges and degeneration and don't even know it?  Not only 

that, we have these changes and don't have any symptoms.  WHAAAT?!?  This is a mind-bender, I

know! But hey, let's keep it straight, I'm not saying putting the garbage out isn't a pain in the as*!  The

struggle is real!!  True dat?  or True dat?  Word.  


Truth is, changes in our bodies are absolutely normal but not an accurate reflection of why

we experience pain, reduced range of motion, altered strength and mobility at any given time. It's a

clue, but infrequently the explanation.     


Sick and tired of aches and pains?  Book in for your Massage Therapy New Client Consult where I'll

assess and understand your situation to propose an individualized treatment plan and

get you started back on the path of enjoying work, rest and play again.  Click the

link above or image below to book today!




Certified Personal Training is also available.  And yes, you can be broken and still exercise.  In fact it

might just make the repair job even stronger.  I just won't have you deadlifting cars on the first week!  :)


Plus Ultra,



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