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The messenger, this is important (sciatica)!



*Rant warning* (but useful info thereafter:)


In my experience, one of the most irritating things in life occur when you just about have a handle on

something and some "guru" comes along and says "that ain't right!"  So annoying.  So I just want to

give you a heads up that this is a public service announcement and not some "me-so-cool-because-I-

want-more-social-media-followers-and-I-am-the-latest-and-greatest-guru-around."  Nope, if y'all know

anything about me by now is that I'm a bit of the antithesis to this.  I'm rather disagreeable by nature. 

But like I said, this is important and more of a public service announcement.  So please read on....



public service annoucement



Do you, or anyone you know take a common medication that treats nerve related pain due to sciatica? 

Well, research seems to be pointing in the direction of it not being effective.  In fact, the conclusion was

that "treatment with pregabalin did not significantly reduce the intensity of leg pain associated with

sciatica and did not significantly improve other outcomes, as compared with placebo, over the course of

8 weeks."  If you've ever experienced or witnessed a nerve compression the suffering is real!  So what

the heck (PG rating version) do you do?!?!?!!?  Before you throw your hands up and start drinking (or

smoking come October), there are still many options for relief!  Read on...


FYI:  One of the causes of leg pain, or sciatica, is compression of nerve in the lower back.  Proper

assessment, the right intervention and discussion of your treatment plan is key to successful outcomes.

But it's going to take work.




Good news is that most soft tissue and/or muscle and joint related injuries heal.  In fact most cases

improve within 6-12 weeks.   The bad news... who has 12 weeks to get better?!? Most of us are

hammer down 24/7 trying to keep up with life!!!  Which is why over the counter or prescription

medication is a legitimate option.  But what if that doesn't work?  Time to start cutting?  Whoa, not just

yet.  Keep scrolling, pain relief can be an insight away...




So gaining relief from pain is much like a journey.  First you assess where you are, where you want to

go, determine your route and if long enough, include rest stops.  For sciatica or any pain related disorder

you  first want to get your assessment.  If your Doctor prescribes a medication for nerve pain ask "are

there any other options I can add to the treatment?"  Frequently they will advise on other options such

as Registered Massage Therapy (especially helpful for accompanying anxiety and depression when paired

with therapeutic exercise) or Physiotherapy.  When a disc related injury is suspected there are specific

types of extension moves of the lower back are known to relieve pain within minutes and can be

particularly effective if your daily activities and occupation include a lot of sitting. 


The moral of this story is, just because a medication is shown to be ineffective in a study for a given

condition doesn't mean you are out of options.  No way.  So if you, or anyone you know experiences

sciatica or any other pain related disorder book in for a New Client Consult, Assessment and Treatment

today or consult with a Physiotherapist and discuss other options with your Physician.  Take heart, relief

is not far off, but, like I said, it's going to take some work.


Plus Ultra,










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Dec 19, 2018 8:16 AM
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