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There will always be critics.



Two and a half years ago when I started eating low carb high fat I didn't tell anyone.  You know how it is?.. when seeking validation or advice from others for doing something off the beaten path.... it just isn't there.  Fortunately, I didn't then, or now, need validation or advice.  I was confidant, studied, I trialed, I observed and made notes for improvement. 


Two and a half years later,.... well, just take a look at one of the training rides I recently did by clicking the logo below and you can decide for yourself:



There will always be critics whether you listen to them or not.  Go your own way.  Step into your journey.  Do it well.  Tell the world what you found.



Plus Ultra,






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Taylah Heagney
Oct 29, 2018 4:24 AM
Taylah Heagney
Strava was the company that was always be critics in his daily routine work it was good to have this in it this was all the getting research. I need to get solution on this that was all on reviews this was the company that work in this city since long it was good to know all the information.