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Can being positive be a bad thing?


I call it the cult of positivity.  It's the act of cognitively and socially engaging in positive speak.  Or, it's the act of intellectually looking at the bright side of things despite how you feel.  Don't get me wrong, looking for solutions in difficult times requires and upside mentality.  But what if denying your feelings is a cost of being "positive?"  Is there any true gain in that?  Maybe in the short term. But could it be that we actually need to experience our negative thoughts and feelings (and even share them with a trusted friend or Professional) in order to grow and become more resilient as a whole person over the long haul? 


What's the cost of "relentless positivity?"  And are there any other options?  Click this link from Mindful to learn more about The Tyranny of Relentless Positivity.




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Jan 14, 2019 2:43 AM
positivity is not a bad thing but I would to mention phd dissertation writing services that excess of everything is bad. I think we should be positive but we should be not that positive as we push ourselves back.