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Where does time go?

Fall 2017

Where does time go?  That's precisely the question I've been pondering with some good friends lately.  A Swiss psychologist once said:

"Life really begins at forty.  Up until then you are just doing research."  

Sounds about right.  Here's another reality about midlife, we can't get away with what we used to.  It takes longer to recover, we gain weight easier and we may also experience changes in our blood pressure, cholesterol, other blood test values and sleeping in is a long lost memory!  

So what the heck to we do about it?,... how do we research and practice life?..... Well, from the health and well-being component we know there are some very simple (but not easy) ways to go about researching, learning and taking steps toward your self care.

This fall consider making regular treatment with a Registered Massage Therapist an important part of your self care.  Having a skilled therapist treat your bodies aches, pains and stress, while you experience the relaxation response is vitally important and gives you some space in your day.  Is taking one hour a month for your health worth it?  Once you experience it, I'm sure you'll agree it is.  

Maybe working with a Certified Personal Trainer is more of what you had in mind?  It's said if there ever was a "silver bullet" for your health, exercise is it.  Did you know regular exercise can reduce your chances of developing may chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease by up to 60%!!!  I know, even I have a hard time believing it but I'm testament to this, trust me and ask me.  

Beyond regular exercise, or reducing stress, one of the most powerful parts of all this is simply booking an appointment.  When you take the step to book a Massage or Training session there is power in knowing a Professional is waiting for you, is there for you and is available to give you regular evidence based feedback, advice, care and attention.  Time and time again, I've seen people arrive not feeling the greatest and saying "I almost cancelled" to "I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T."

Self-care, it works, it's rewarding and you are your most important resource.


New Client Consult, Fitness and Health Assessment $59.00(+hst) 60 minutes.


New Client Consult, Assessment and Massage $59.00(+hst) 60 minutes.



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