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Personal growth, tension and transcendence

February 12, 2017

One of the coolest things I have experienced in my time as a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer is personal growth.  Now this isn't my growth I am talking about, it's that of the clients who have visited me here at the centre.  Often times I'll perform an intake with a new client and we'll talk about muscle, joint, tension and pain related concerns.  Or we'll discuss personal goals like weight loss or gaining strength and mobility.

But the process doesn't simply stop with the relief of pain and tension, or a few pounds lost (worthy goals in-and-of-themselves though).  That's the first step.  Frequently a therapeutic relationship or therapeutic alliance forms as treatment and training continues to develop.  To be a non-judgemental source of impartial support to clients/patients is foundational any healthcare practice and personal growth.  

One thing I've observed is that it's like there is an instinct inside that alerts the body to changes way before it registers in the mind.  Or the mind sets it's sights on a goal and needs to body to keep up.  Either way being alert to these developments is my fundamental role.  And it never ceases to amaze me when a client takes in treatments or training, achieves their goals and the plan is discharged then contacts me a year later and said "I got the job! or "I moved on and am much happier."

I'm not able to predict the future, nor do I have a crystal ball. But I certainly know if I do my job and help within my scope clients personal growth, tension and transcendence of a challenge or goal is not far off. 





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