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Meet Ellis, our Practice Member of the Month for January!

January 2017

Ellis has been a client of mine for a number of years now.  When I came up with the idea of Practice Memberships he was part of the first cohort to bravely go where no client had gone before (lol).  Truth be told, I was terrified to introduce a new concept (even with a clear vision I felt would bring greater value to individuals experiencing it).   

Undaunted by my fear, this change and a new concept, Ellis stepped right up with a timeless patience, understanding and compassion for mistakes.  The very fact he is still a member to this day tells me I have done right by him.  Meet Ellis, our Practice Member of the month!


Q:  Ellis, tell us a bit about yourself.

A:  In a nutshell, I am married to the most wonderful woman imaginable, I will soon celebrate by 66th birthday, I am blessed with three married daughters and nine grandchildren and am sole proprietor of an interior refinishing business.  Maintaining a physically active lifestyle is an important part of all that.

Q:  Dragon Boating is quite a passion for you, how does your Practice Membership fit into this endeavor?

A:  My love for competition and my desire to be as physically fit as I can be fuels my involvement in Dragon Boat racing.  Being a Practice Member of Steele Health + Wellness Centre plays a huge role in enabling me to excel at National and International levels.

Q:  We also provide Massage Therapy treatments and a host of other therapy options (e.g. Acupuncture).  Where does that fit into your lifestyle and what benefits are number one for you?

A:  For me, Simon offers a comprehensive package of Wellness services that provide me with what I need, when I need it.  Whether it be assembling a set of appropriate therapeutic exercises, or the application of Active Release Techniques or Acupuncture, I have benefit from them all.  Addressing discomforts quickly with the appropriate "tool" has definitely kept me "in the game."  But it is the regular sessions of relaxation massage that perfectly wraps up the package.

Q:  Going forward, tell us a bit about your goals and how therapy, treatments and Physical Activity Training for Health fits into these aspirations?

A:  More that goals, what impresses me most about Steele Health + Wellness Centre is that Simon takes the time to listen.  He listens me talk about my goals and aspirations.  he knows me.  I trust him.  It's that simple.

Thanks Ellis, let's keep moving forward!  


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