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Meet the Kellestine's, our Practice Member(s) for October & November!

There are a number of benefits when becoming Practice Members here at the Centre.  Not only do individuals accumulate Rewards (like every client receiving treatments or training) but Practice Members also access everyday low fees on Massage Therapy treatments and Personal Training sessions.  Then there are benefits on a much greater level such as the ones I have found out from working with the Kellestine's, our Practice Members for October & November, please read on.....

Q:  Audrey, tell us a little about yourself and your family.

A:  I am a 42 year old full time housewife, casual hairstylist and Mom of 2 young daughters.  My husband works more than full time to provide a modest stable home.  After overcoming an illness, I have spent countless hours researching and implementing healthy habits in our home, such as healthy meals, stress reduction and balancing work, rest and play.

Q:  I have been treating Dan & yourself for over a year now and recently we've been introducing your eldest daughter to Massage Therapy care.  How does Massage Therapy fit into your families healthcare strategy?

A:  I have been having Massage Therapy for myself for almost 20 years.  I wasn't always committed to treatments.  We made an agreement as a family to make it a priority to monthly treatments.  We take for granted how stress builds each day.

Q:  Dan, it's can be relatively common for men to feel uncomfortable being treated by a male Massage Therapist.  What's your experience and is it a concern for you?

A:  My experience is I am able to relax, sleep and quiet my mind.  It has never been an issue to be treated by you.

Q:  What are the primary benefits you experience being Practice Members here at the Centre?

A:  Stress relief, breathing techniques and advice on healthy stretching and home care.  We are also committed monthly by being members and look forward to appointments without putting them off, which keeps us accountable to self care.

Q:  Ashley, can you tell the audience a bit about your first few treatments and what the main benefit you have experienced from them?

A:  I asked my Mom to make me an appointment because I had a sore neck.  I was at first nervous, not knowing what to expect.  Simon made me feel very comfortable and explained everything in good detail.  He welcomed my Mom to sit in the treatment room and that helped me relax during the massage.  If I have a problem, Simon explains what he will do to help it and how I can prevent it too.

Q:  Physical activity and formal exercise is also important.  You are a very active family, any examples or thoughts you'd like to share with the audience how those activities are also a part of your lifestyle?

A:  Each of us have our own daily activity.  I walk with the family dog each day.  He also keeps me accountable to physical activity.  We share an automobile, Dan bicycles to work.  Both Dan and I Fly fish (very relaxing but can be bothersome on the muscles).  The girls are involved with Dance and school sports.  Injuries and ailments are always a concern.

I knew I couldn't dedicate just one month to Audrey, Dan and the kids because they are fantastic role models for this modern era of Health, Wellness and doing an awesome job at life!  Well done y'all!!


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