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Sick and tired of quick fix? Read this blog to find out how lasting results are created.

Have you tried every diet, supplement and functional food in the book?  What about working your butt off to the latest fitness fad?  Still didn't get lasting results?  I am afraid you are not alone.

It's a fact that we live in a culture that espouses images printed from the pages of a magazine, personality over character and profit over value.  Unfortunately, when an individual is looking for a solution to their problems it's buyer beware out there.  On the other side of the coin, we have the ability to choose and that's a key segue into today's blog topic, reward, the real path to results.

Here at Steele Health + Wellness Centre I have been working with Perkville and rewarding clients for over two years now.  It's my fundamental belief that keys to long term success lie not only in delivering evidence informed treatments and the training of clients, but also rewarding self care.  "Do, earn, redeem."  It's as simple and feel good as that!

So if you, or anyone you know, is tired of short terms results and claims that don't hold up to scrutiny, consider coming in for a Massage Therapy Treatment or take in Personal Training Sessions.  Haven't been into the Centre before?  Book in for a New Client Consult, Assessment and Treatment or Training ($59.00+HST).  We'll take the time to discuss what is important to you, how I can help, deliver a treatment or custom exercise program and then reward you right away.

Let's take the next steps toward reducing pain, stress, anxiety, your risk factors to health and improve fitness while feeling great at the same time.  This isn't quick fix, it's immediate results with a long terms view of success.

For your convenience:

Go Well,


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May 4, 2018 6:22 AM
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