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Are drugs & surgery the pre-determined course of action for you in our Healthcare system?

So I spent most of my day trying to write a blog on the historical significance and interrelationship behind drugs and surgery being "go-to" standards of care in modern medicine.  Truth is, this is a very complex topic and out of my scope.  It would be amateurish of me to think I could write eloquently about it.  Instead I'll leave you with a few things to ponder:

Framingham Heart Study. (see 1967)

Comparing effectiveness of exercise and drug interventions. (the British Medical Journal)

Evidence for Exercise as a Medical Intervention. (EIMC website)

I am big on learning how the body works and teaching it.  I tend to think if you know why your "check engine light" is on, then it will be easier to know what to do about it.  But this last link may even reduce the need for that? What is the single best thing we can do for our health?  

Happy Halloween folks!



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