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Meet Carrie, our Practice Member of the month!

Our Practice Membership program is now fully open and available for all to join.  Not only are there benefits from receiving everyday low fees on Registered Massage Therapy treatments and Certified Personal Training sessions, there are health benefits too (go-figure!:)  Read our interview with Carrie, Practice Member of the month to learn more how becoming a member can benefit you though learning the benefits she has experienced....


Q:  Hi there Carrie, can you tell our audience a little about yourself?
A:  I have just turned 50 this week (urgh!) and I am happily married with 2 teen aged boys.  I am an animal lover and an avid reader.  I work as a dispatcher for the OPP so crazy shifts are my life!

Q:  There are several gyms or Massage Therapy providers around, what made you choose our Centre?
A:  I was looking for a personal approach - especially for personal training and Simon's approach fit with that.

Q:  I would say we have had some great success combining Personal Training and Massage Therapy!  How does combining appointments work in comparison to doing them separately?
A:  It fees so great after a workout and a massage - the perfect combination of working and relaxation!
I feel so good at having performed during my workout and then relaxed by the massage.  It carries though on the rest of my day and makes for a euphoric feeling for sure!

Q:  As a Practice Member you save on Massage Therapy and Personal Training but it's not all about the money, any benefits you can share with our audience about being a member?
A:  I have never felt that a program has been as fine tuned to my needs as the one I have been working on with Simon.  It has changed how I breathe and I have seen a definite improvement in overall mobility and well-being and that's awesome!

Carrie, you are awesome, let's keep the good feelings rolling!!   


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