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Blogging a lot (not), stress and modern day survival

Hey there folks,

Long time no blog.  Now I know I should be blogging regularly as well as doing the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, Vimeo thing.  Not to mention Google+, LinkedIn, any other platform that I missed all the while have impeccable spelling, grammar and timing with respect to "trending topics."  Well, it's taken me a few years to realize it, but that's freaking impossible!  

When I started in business a little over 5 years ago now I used some print advertising and networking to let people know a little of what I did.  Networking was great, not because of opportunities, but because of the people I met and have come to know even better today.  This is a time honoured way of doing business and this, I know, will never change.  What has changed is the advertising landscape, or how one communicates.  The print/signage (remember the Timmies sign?) used to attract new clients and for about 12 months things were good.  Then there was a clear change when this previously effective way of communicating stopped working and all my new business came through the internet in the form of my online booking.  

I probably don't have to preach this point, but what I am trying to say here is that change is happening so rapidly.  "Here today, gone tomorrow" may not be an understatement.  We strive to achieve balance and sh..., I mean, life happens.  Today, success has kind of come to look a little like this:

This process can not just be extremely maddening and expensive but rediculously satisfying (until change happens again).  But I don't want to romanticise this process because it also comes with some serious consequences.  Please read on to learn more....

This past summer I had the pleasure of attending one of many seminars put on by the Harvard Medical school and Beth Israel Medical Centre on Martha's Vineyard collectively know as the 27th Annual Summer Seminar series.  As a Massage Therapist I went seeking answers to why Massage is so effective and what is going on in the body and mind.  I wasn't disappointed.

To make a long story short we have a trigger finger, it's called the fight or flight mechanism.  The idea goes a little something like this; a long time ago people needed to react immediately to threats in their environment (i.e. sabre toothed tiger) with a massive burst of energy to fight the threat or flee.  And for a while this worked (you are here aren't you?).  It worked to ward off not only physical threats but also bacterial threats (more on that later).  Once we fought off invaders or ran away from threats balance was restored and we could go back to our daily routine of hunting or planting, tending to daily tasks, procreating and sleeping.  It was kind of like a straight line story.  Then things changed.

Do you remember the days before answering machines?  Or are you glad the internet wasn't around when you did those crazy things?  Yeah, me too.  Somewhere in the late 80's and 90's things began to hit full stride.  Deregulation lead to globalization and the internet spawned a massive communications and commerce burst and the 24/7 society was born.  Heck, do you know we have gone through 10 iterations of Windows in less than 30 years, not to mention the emergence of whole new sectors (i.e. social media).  Today's world has not just become a race to create the next "woo" but also a fertile ground for the emergence of technologies hoped to clean up the planet, solve economic crises or leave a better world for our children and our childrens children.  But I digress, back to the fight or flight thing....

This fight or flight response is a good thing yes?  Well yes, if you are being chased by a tiger or need to think fast to get out of the way of a car in a parking lot.  But as described above, our society has changed, and change has been compressed in shorter and shorter cycles.  Having a "job for life" has become "is the board of directors going to cut staff this quarter?"  Economic cycles boom and bust in tighter timelines.  Family dynamics have changed too.  All of this in 30 years or less and we can run on adrenaline only so long.  The fight or flight response, once essential to survival, has now been turned on chronically and it's eroding our health.  We need to find another way.

But don't take it from me, I'm just the messenger.  Dr. Fricchone (the Harvard guy who was the lecturer at the summer seminar series) went through slide and slide of brain scans, anatomy, biology, psychology, sociology etc. to basically say this:  "STRESS BAD, RELAXATION GOOD."  If chronically activated adrenaline is basically the same as chronic stress and it's hard wired into us and the world has changed, then what can we do about it?  Fight, flee or medicate?  Fortunately there is another system that is hard wired into us as well and that is the Relaxation Response.  It's the Yin to stresses Yang.  It's the feminine to balance the masculine and many of us have forgotten how it works and how it can be used, in conjuction with many other methods to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, arrhythmias, anxiety and many more situations bourne out of chronic stress.  

But before you go throwing your medications in the garbage from one blog (that would be silly, agreed?) I advise you stay tuned.  In coming blogs I'll also describe how inflammation, essential for health, has also become chronically activated and what to do about that.  And promises be made a fall/winter seminar series of my own is intended to bring Lifestyle and Wellness within reach.       

For now, it's almost 7pm on a Sunday night and I need to be back in the office early tomorrow morning.  So please stay tuned, this modern world requires new approaches to deal with the complexities and craziness we deal with from day to day, while staying healthy and living life to the fullest.



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