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Hollah! "Black Friday" PROMOTIONS start now, SEE BELOW!

What if stress management and exercise were considered medicine?  Would we demand access to affordable care?  Absolutely!  Read on and save up to 37% on services.....

This year, on the eve of Black Friday, markes the next phase of changes here at SHWC, a phase that will increase access to the right "dose" of Massage Therapy care and Exercise as medicine.  Both Massage and exercise have been very close to me over the last 25+ years.  Keeping my body in shape, has kept my mind in shape and that has been so very good for my soul.

So I am thinking, why wait until Friday to release my first promo?  Let's do it now!


  • Lose weight, increase energy, build strength with an evidence based approach
  • Regularly priced at $79.00(+HST) now 25% off
  • Use my on-line scheduler between now and Monday to book this service by January 30th under:
    • Personal Training
    • A)  New Client Consult & Assessment (60min)
    • Book online here

This is just the beginning, 2016 is going to be awesome!

Moving on.  Most of us know and love Massage Therapy in terms of the "monthly visit."  These treatments were easy to cover using extended health benefits (what?  did someone say benefits don't cover what they used to?.... or they are non-existent?).  Today, the "dose" of Massage Therapy for sustained effect is now being revealed in terms of "multiple applications," (for pain) or "3X weekly" (to increase range of motion) and even multiple sessions in a 24 hour period (for pediatric patients in intensive care).

Using the best available evidence + current RMT fees adds up to hundreds of dollars of treatment, often out of pocket.  This is cost prohibitive for many and may destine Massage Therapy care to the periphery of healthcare delivery, unless something is done to change that.

I think you know where I am going, but keep in mind I am not going to give away the farm.  It's only proper to set a fee that reflects what is going on in the broader economy.  But a major influence in my decision making that is coming has to do with a well known and documented fact the the ability to offer variations in fees "was a benefit to the public as it would likely increase access to massage therapy care."  I have seen this, which is why I am happy to outline my next promotion:

  • Fitness & Health assessment + custom exercise program + Massage = awesome!
  • Regularly priced at $158.00(+HST)
  • now $99.00(+HST)
  • email me with FHA/Massage in subject heading between now and Monday to book these services by January 30 to secure promo pricing

Are you getting the vibe?  Don't worry, there will be promotions and even Practice Memberships in the pipeline just for Massage Therapy care.

I am certain by now that this is going to upset the apple cart for many.  And I am certain there will be many more upset with me for changing things (and how can we forget the ones that believe I will fail or will actually try and help me with that).  To the former I say "it is what is is" (hello!, the post economic crisis world is a different commercial entity, even in healthcare).  To the latter I say "good, I hope you do, I'll use it!"  The nature of innovation is disruptive.  The nature of business is competitive.  Delivering more quality goods and services, at a better price, to the consumer that needs it, is the point.

So there you have it, this is the next phase here at Steele Health + Wellness Centre.  It's time to increase access to Massage Therapy care and exercise as medicine to more people, more often, at the right dose, to make a difference, 'cause who knew Massage Therapy and Exercise were actually medicine?!

Go Well,

coming soon:  
  • say "bye, bye" to the HST on your Massage Therapy receipt
  • Practice Member of the month interview
  • and more promotions!.......


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Jun 11, 2018 6:18 PM
Wao I am super excited to read about this promotion.I am really so tired after a long session and now some massage therapy to relax my body.It's very nice post.