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Summertime is the right time...

Summertime is such a fleeting time here in Southwestern Ontario.  Yeah, sure, summer is technically 3 months long (give or take an Indian summer), but once you deduct unforeseen things (accidents, injuries, the passing of your dog or a close friend), bad weather and that thing called work, there doesn't seem to be much left to enjoy.  Unless, of course, you choose to live life to the fullest and make everyday count, despite life.  

So for the very reason that life can be unpredictable, summertime is the right time to get ready for change, for making plans and setting goals to bring your dreams into reality by taking action (but remember, by the yard is hard, by the inch is a cinch).  And even if you have no thoughts of changing (massive respect for the power of choice) I believe the benefits of being all you can be, or taking that trip, or climbing that hill you've always wanted to climb will be worth it.  It's your call.  

So this summer take a moment to pause and think about what you truly, deep, deep down inside want for you.  Scribble your thoughts down and form a simple check list or a plan.  Think about how your health will compare to your plans ideals (climbing Kilimanjaro probably ain't going to happen, or be fun, if walking a flight of stairs right now makes you winded).  Know that if there is anything I can do within my scope to help you achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations I am there.  

And one last thing, don't forget to eat, drink and be merry this summer too because life is too short!



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