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"Plus Ultra," about going beyond limits.

Almost seven years ago, I lost my father to cancer.  During his final days he gave me some advice.  His guidance was to "keep going son."  I took this advice as permission to pursue my dreams, overcome obstacles and keep going until they were achieved.  


Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting Annaleise Carr.  Her story is one of a person wanting to help kids living with cancer and told she was too young to help.  So what did Annaleise do?  She swam across Lake Ontario becoming the youngest person to do so and has raised over $250 000.00 for Camp Trillium since. She is continuing to help Camp Trillium in different ways until she doesn't have a barrier telling her "no". 


"Plus Ultra" a one of my favorite motto’s which means, "more beyond."  Rather than allow others to limit us by saying there is nothing more you can do, or nothing more than the limits others can see, I encourage you to find what is beyond any current limits and go farther than you ever dreamed possible up until now.  


Annaleise has a saying, "One small drop makes many ripples!"  Imagine if we were to give ourselves permission to pursue our goals and go beyond our perceived limits what a cumulative effect that would have?  Don't wait for tomorrow, give yourself permission today to go beyond your limits and make an impact.


With all of this together, this why myself and Steele Health + Wellness Centre will be supporting Annaleise in her crossing of Lake Erie this summer. 



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Jan 8, 201810:33 AM
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